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Wines From Us LLC
7365 SW 92nd Ave
Portland, OR 97223, USA
503-244-WINE (9463)

Welcome to Wines From Us

Wines From Us is an all new Wine, beer and Hard Cider HOME DELIVERY Company. We take the “Fuss and Muss” out of all your wine, beer and Hard Cider shopping needs.

Do you really have time after work to stop to pick up wine, beer or hard cider? Do you have to pack up the kids and take them to the store just to get your wine, beer or hard cider for that special dinner party, or just dinner at home with the family? How often do you settle for what’s available at your local grocer or specialty wine store. Do you really have time to run all over town looking for that specific wine, beer or cider that you want but just can’t find?

We do all that shopping for you. We can find that wine, beer or hard cider you want. If it is distributed, and available, in the Portland area we can, in most cases, get it for you at or near grocery store prices.

We offer 10% Six Pack discounts and full case pricing discounts.

When you sign up for our Monthly emails you will receive special pricing that you will never find at any grocery store or Specialty Wine Store, locally or on line.

We at Wines From Us will take care of all your wine, beer and hard cider needs by providing the following services:

  • Home Delivery of Wine, Beer and Hard Cider in the Portland Metro Area*.
  • Free Home Delivery when the minimum purchase requirement** is met.
  • Party Planning
  • Catering Consultation
  • In home Tasting Events
  • In Home Wine Classes
  • Mail Order Wine, Beer and Hard Cider

We have been in and out of the wine and restaurant business for most of our lives. We understand wine, wine trends and wine and food pairings. Let us share our knowledge with you to help make your wine, beer and hard cider purchases fun and easy.
Thanks for your Trust!

* – Portland Metro Area defined on the Delivery page

** – Minimum Purchase Requirement and Delivery Charges defined on the Delivery page