Altos las Hormigas Uco Valley Terroir Malbec 2021



Altos las Hormigas Uco Valley Terroir Malbec 2020

The Winery

In 1995 Alberto Antonini, a well-known Tuscan winemaker, and Antonio Morescalchi, a young entrepreneur, took a trip to visit the burgeoning wine areas of South America. It only took one stop to find what they were looking for. They were immediately impressed by the vineyards thriving in the high altitude and dry climate of Mendoza, and were captivated by the whispered traditions and blend of cultures.

They returned to Tuscany powerfully impressed not only by the region, but also by the unexplored potential of Malbec, a grape that had a strong local tradition but was largely ignored and misunderstood. While the rest of the wine world saw Mendoza struggling to shed its bulk wine image, the two young Italians saw Mendoza as a place where traditional viticultural values and unblemished land could be reinvigorated with a modern winemaking approach and international experience. Instead of planting Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, as many others were doing during the 1990s, the team decided to invest their confidence in Malbec. Today, Malbec is the varietal for which Argentina is best known.

Against all odds they cemented their vision to become Terroir Specialists Shortly after, two friends and business partners, also enthused by the idea, joined the venture: Attilio Pagli, a renowned Tuscan winemaker with two 100 point-scoring wines in his personal record and Carlos Vazquez, an Argentine Agronomist, who work for 20 years with the early Catena group, planting new varieties, developing previously unknown vineyard sites and contributing greatly to the qualitative change of Argentine viticulture early on.

Vintage 2020

This was a very dry year, with an average rainfall below the region’s historic records. The weather in the months previous to the harvest marked the hottest minimum temperatures of the last ten years, with very hot days. These conditions produced very concentrated grapes, with amazing potential. February brought cooler days, so we rapidly organized the harvesting schedule to pick up the grapes at their optimum ripening level. By the first days of March, all the grapes were in the winery.

Winemaker Notes

100% Malbec grapes harvested by hand, selecting the bunches with care. During the fermentation/maceration, very careful pigeages were made in order to obtain an optimum extraction. The juice was fermented at 26°C (79°F) with natural acidity and indigenous yeasts that grant freshness, typicality and vibrancy. 75% of the wine was aged for 18 months in 3,500 liters untoasted, French oak foudres, while the other 25% was aged in concrete pools with no epoxy, so the fruit preserves its intensity and nature. Aged for 12 months in the bottle.


This Malbec has a bright red color and a very intense first nose. Aromas of black fruits, such as blueberries and cherries, are complemented by notes of violets, white pepper, and aromas of the foothills of Mendoza’s mountains, typical of wines from calcareous soils. The fruit is the central character when the wine enters the mouth, with an acidity that works like a train that goes through different stations until it reaches the end of the palate, where the wine remains for a long-time showing tension and a fine texture.

Food Pairing

Ideal to pair with Mediterranean cuisine and red meats.