Loosen Bros. Dr. L Riesling 2021


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Crisp, clean, juicy and refreshing, Dr. L Riesling is the No. 1 Super-Premium German Riesling in America today!

This top-selling Loosen Bros. wine is Ernst Loosen’s “ambassador” for the Mosel region and for the Riesling variety. It embodies the delicate and racy style that is characteristic of Riesling grown in the slate-soil vineyards of the Mosel valley. And, best of all, it delivers this uniquely delicious and invigorating taste at a very affordable price for every day enjoyment. It is a bright, refreshing, fruit-driven wine, with a juicy mid-palate and a crisp, drying finish.


The year began with intensely cold weather. So cold that on January 11th, we were able to harvest the last grapes of the 2020 vintage for Eiswein at minus seven degrees Celsius. February was also bitterly cold. The vegetation advanced lethargically in the following months, and budding and flowering were two weeks later than in the previous year. Fortunately, we were spared from any frost damage like that which caused severe losses in some French wine-growing regions. Because the summer also remained wet and cool, the grapes ripened rather slowly. We had our hands full in the
vineyard to keep the grapes healthy and provide them with the best possible conditions for ripening. It wasn‘t until the beginning of October that we started harvesting. And we were pleased to note that in particular our Grand Cru vineyard sites benefited from the cool weather. The grapes ripened perfectly and at a pace that we were never under pressure to harvest quickly due to any
impending over ripeness possibilities.


Gebrüder Loosen (“Loosen Brothers” in German), is the winemaking company that produces the range of Dr. L wines. It is owned by Ernst Loosen, who also owns the Dr. Loosen estate, and is managed by his younger brother, Thomas. Together, the brothers work with small growers throughout the Mosel region to source fruit for the wines, which are vinified by the same highly skilled cellar team that produces the Dr. Loosen estate wines. Very strict quality standards require that the growers improve their viticulture in order to sustainably grow the healthy, perfectly ripe fruit that Ernst and Thomas want for these wines.


Located in far western Germany, the Mosel valley’s steep, south facing slopes and slate soil create the perfect conditions for Riesling, giving the vines ideal exposure to the sun and a racy minerality. The cool, northern climate allows the grapes to ripen slowly, for full flavor development, while retaining bright, refreshing acidity.


Serving Size: 5 fl oz (148 ml)
Servings per Container: 5
Lower in Alcohol (8.5%)
Under 100 Calories per Serving
Low Carbs: 6 grams per Serving
Zero Fat or Cholesterol
All Natural
Sustainably Grown
Pesticide and Herbicide Free
GMO Free
Gluten Free
Nut Free


Grape Variety: 100% Riesling
Appellation: Mosel
Viticulture: Sustainable, according to strict German environmental regulations
Harvest Method: Selective hand picking
Vinification: Produced in 100% stainless steel; fermentation stopped by chilling
Alcohol: 8.5%
Residual Sweetness: 44.5 grams/liter
Total Acidity: 7.5 grams/liter