New Age White Wine


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New Age White is a light yellow colored wine. It has vibrant, fruity and floral aromas of great
intensity.  Balanced acidity leads to soft, semi-sweet flavors. The slightly effervescent mouth feel makes this an extremely
refreshing, vivacious and sensual wine leaving you wanting more.


Winemaker’s Notes
Picked by hand from the Valentin Bianchi Estate vineyards, the grapes are crushed and cooled,
followed by 12 hours of cold maceration (to pull the color from the skins) and pressing.
Fermentation begins by inoculation with selected yeasts ,half- way through the fermentation process
the wine is centrifuged (spun) to halt fermentation, creating a slightly sweet, semi- sparkling


Serving Hints:
This wine should be served chilled as an aperitif or dessert. Also tastes great with spicy Thai,
Indian, Chinese or Japanese cuisine.


Just add ice and a lime for a New Age “Tincho”!

PRODUCER:                   Valentin Bianchi S.A.
COUNTRY:                      Argentina
REGION:                         San Rafael, Mendoza
GRAPE VARIETY:          90% Torrontes      10% Sauvignon Blanc

ALCOHOL %:                8.5%
RESIDUAL SUGAR:       53.69 g/l