Romilly Demi-Sec Cidre 750ml

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Romilly Demi-Sec Cidre 750ml

Indulge in the captivating world of Romilly Cidre Half-Dry Demi-Sec, where the spirited sweetness of Norman heritage apples dances harmoniously with the sophisticated allure of a drier cider. This exquisite cider is a delightful invitation to explore the depths of flavor while enjoying refreshment like never before. Versatility is its hallmark, allowing you to experiment fearlessly with food pairings, safe in the knowledge that every sip is an adventure in taste.

Alcohol Content: 4.6%

Awards: This exceptional cider, proudly served by Michelin Star chefs, has earned numerous accolades at cider championships, a testament to its outstanding quality.

Tasting Notes:

Bouquet: Aromas of the morning apple orchard supported by hay, and leather.

Taste: Refreshing and versatile it combines the pleasant sweetness and funkiness of farm, barn, and musty earth followed by the complex finish of a drier cidre.

Food Pairings: Pairs effortlessly with caramelized foods, seafood, meats, spicy foods, and barbecue.

Ingredients: Romilly estate apples and champagne yeasts.

Nutrition: (certified)organic, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, no sugar or artificial sweeteners.


Storage: Store upright in a cool place.

Serving: Serve well-chilled in a cognac snifter or wine glass.