Romilly Doux Cidre 750ml

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Romilly Doux Cidre 750ml

Romilly Cidre Sweet Cidre is a testament to the exquisite complexity of the Normandie terroir. Crafted from a harmonious blend of eight rare, French heritage apple varieties, this layered Sweet Cidre embodies the essence of the region. With a moderated sweetness that lets the true flavors shine, Romilly Cidre Sweet Cidre offers a sensory journey through orchards, meadows, and coastal cliffs. Immerse yourself in the world of apples, hay, cheese, and earth with each sip.

Tasting Notes:

Bouquet: Delicate bouquet of fresh ripe apples.

Taste: Round and delicate underlined by a intriguing sweet-savoury nature with a finish that hints of cheese and earth.

Food Pairings: Pairs with cheeses, baguette, Foie Gras, spicy foods, fruits, desserts, pancakes, and other sweet foods as to extraordinary effect.

Nutrition and Ingredients:

Ingredients: Romilly estate apples and champagne yeasts.

Certifications: (certified)organic, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, no sugar or artificial sweeteners.


Storage: Store upright in a cool place.

Serving: Serve well-chilled in a cognac snifter or wine glass.